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Forward-thinking companies are not trying to manage their teams and projects by email. They use Unison rooms and get true visibility of what's going on:



    One of NYC's hottest and fastest-growing ad agencies uses Unison to keep multiple offices on the same page.


    All Western

    This mid-sized bank cut internal email over 90% and uses Unison rooms to dramatically speed up work.



    Watch our CEO explain to Bloomberg TV how Unison is faster and better than email for teamwork.

Unison works with any device. Try it now with a free account:


Key benefits

Executives get better visibility. Teams connect with people and information faster by text, audio or video.


Visibility into everything

Make a Unison room for each of your teams or projects. It's a private space to post updates, questions, files, ideas, and get fast feedback. You will always know what is happening and can direct activities much more effectively.


Work effectively, from anywhere

Rooms sync instantly across all devices, so you can be just as effective from your smartphone or iPad as you are in the office. Unlike email, rooms make it easy to see what is new or urgent. You can keep things moving, even when your team is dispersed.


Secure and compliant

Unison is easy to use, but it is also highly secure. Some of the most security-sensitive companies in the world use Unison to hold private, encrypted team conversations. We support corporate IT needs, such as SSO, Active Directory and compliance (NASD, SEC, HIPAA and others).

We deployed Jive, HipChat and others to replace email for 450 staff, but they couldn't do the job. Now we use Unison.

If you're looking to cut costs and want a solid collaboration app, Unison is a fine way to get everyone on the same page.

A particularly accurate sense of which users are available and ... the work that they're doing

Slick live updates, organized chat rooms, and an intuitive interface. We liked what we saw.

A completely new take - instead of basing it around people, it's now around 'rooms'.

A sleek enterprise application that boosts productivity and collaboration in the office.

... a serendipitous experience but also without the excess noise and distraction.

Unison works with any device. Try it now with a free account:


How is Unison different?

There are some key differences that make Unison better than traditional chat room or enterprise social tools.


Unison shows you who is doing what, right now

See the room and topic each person is focused on. Great for taking advantage of those precious moments when distributed staff overlap or happen to be online at the same time. Powerful for executives to understand who's working on what and guide their team. And helpful to creating a sense of "team-ness" for workers not in the same place. You can turn a room into a live HD audio conference with a single click to hammer out issues on the spot.


Unison shows you who has read each post

Just click "Viewers" to see this in rooms. (Read receipts are available in our 1:1 chat, too.) No more wasted messages and calls figuring out whether someone has seen your information.


Instant live calls and video

Turn any room into an instant HD audio conference by clicking the conference button. Avoid painful conference calls with dial-ins, PIN codes and poor sound. Unison also has one-on-one HD audio and video calling.


Unison rooms support multiple topics

You can break down complex subjects rather than jam them all into one big stream. This is fundamental for knowledge work, and it enables time-shifted staff (or an executive checking in on the latest) to pick up the ball fast. It's also great for adding new folks to a project. Just add them to a room, and the history and learnings are discernible instead of jumbled together.


Unison works with any device. Try it now with a free account:


Key features

Unison rooms and chats are much faster than email or other traditional business communications tools. They keep teams on the same page, throughout the day.


 Instant messaging

For private groups or 1:1.

 Free/busy presence

Reliably know who's available.

 Real-time refresh

Updates/syncs instantly on all devices.

 Post docs and fileS

Add them to a room/chat, get fast feedback.

 Privacy by default

Rooms limited to members, not open to all.

 Video and voice calling

Switch anytime to a live conversation.

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Unison works with any device. Try it now with a free account:


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Unison helps teams work much faster together, while maintaining the highest levels of compliance and security:

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